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Nich Khun does surprise event for Victoria ‘affection ↑’

2PM Nich Khun does a surprise event for his ‘wife’ Victoria.

The 2 went on their first vacation together on MBC We Got Married aired on 24th July. During the trip, Nich Khun had forgotten about their photo diary he promised, which had Victoria feeling a little down and sad.

Nich Khun, “I did bring along the diary. This is the first time that I’ve written in a diary. While writing in it, I felt great anticipation and happiness. I guess it will be good results since we did our best.”

The reason why Nich Khun had said that he didn’t bring the diary is to make Victoria sad and then at the end to surprise her with “I brought it!”.

During the show that day, the 2 pitched their tents and Nich Khun showed Victoria the diary. And it was indeed a pleasant surprise for Victoria.

The couple then wrote about the things they want to eat and the places they wanted to go etc in the diary.

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