jueves, julio 1

Nichkhun fails his driving test

2PM’s Nichkhun’s was ready and pumped up to pass his driving this test this morning as he confidently tweeted, “Last day of this course!!! I will pass the driving skills test! ke ke ke ke,” along with a photo of the testing location.

However, his hope was short-lived as he failed his driving test:


“I didn’t pass today..ㅠㅠㅠ I’ll just have to take it again then! ke ke ke ^^”

“Haha nothing bad! I just failed my driving test. Kinda disappointing but I’ll do better next time =]”

One representative revealed:

“Nichkhun had been squeezing into his tight schedule time to practice his driving in order to prepare for the test. Looks like he’ll have to take the test again”

Wish Nichkhun the best of luck on his next driving test!

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