jueves, julio 1

On-the-set Hype Nation pictures of Jay Park revealed!

Although the production of Hype Nation has only just begun, fans and netizens alike are already anticipating updates on this movie project. Well, it looks like you guys are in for a treat as unofficial on-the-set pictures of Jay Park/Jaebeomhave recently been released. Check out the pictures below!

Despite looking quite healthy and fit in the pictures, Jay recently tweeted, “back hurts, coughing but i’m here with my family and friends, feels good =) 기침하고허리도아픈데 가족과친구들이랑함께할수있어서기분좋네요 ㅋㅋ, 그리고 펜여러분도 ^ㅠ^ ㅋㅋ”Jay sure is working hard!

Keep checking back as we bring you more updates on his new movie.

Thanks to sony for the tip!

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