miércoles, julio 7

Pre-debut photos of miss A with 2PM and 2AM

Fei with 2PM's Taecyeon & Junho

Last week we posted several pre-debut videos of the girls ofmiss A. Not too long ago, we posted pre-debut photos of miss A’s maknae Suzy. Now pre-debut photos of the other miss A members Fei, Jia, and Min have been uncovered and have been gaining attention from netizens.

Having trained together with other JYP family members such as the Wonder Girls,2AM, and 2PM., fans have commented: “I‘m so jealous of Fei” “Pictures with JYP’s princes…” “Looks like fellow company friends are all close“.

We’ve complied these photos from 2AM, 2PM, and Min’s old Cyworld pictures and news articles. Enjoy! Oh and keep an eye out for soon-to-debut artist G.NA (she used to be a JYP trainee as well).

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