martes, julio 27

Sandara Park, “We have came to see Gummy’s concert”

After Se7en, Park Bom is the next one to hold on to Sandara Park’s ‘palm tree’ hair.

Sandara Park posted on her me2day on 25th July, “We went to see Gummy unnie’s concert” and posted a photo of 2NE1 members at the concert.

She added, “The concert just ended a while ago. Kyaa~ Really cool! (Hands clapping)!! There was instances where I felt so touched listening to the sad songs. Personally I really like ‘I’m Sorry’. The MV was good too. We also want a concert.”

In the photo revealed, it can be seen that Park Bom was holding on to Sandara Park’s ‘palm tree’ hair while CL has her back facing the camera.

Netizens’ comments are, “Sandara Park always have her hair caught by others”, “I hope that 2NE1 will have their own concert”, “It is envious to see them having close relationship and going to one another’s concerts” etc.


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