martes, julio 13

Sean and his family visit Taeyang backstage

We’ve seen a ton of YG love being spread in the past and it only continues now with Sean and his family visitingTaeyang backstage at one of his performances.

On the 13th, Sean tweeted a picture of Taeyang posing with a V sign and carrying Harang while Sean holds onto his baby girl.

He also said, “While watching Taeyang sing on stage Haeum said, ‘Taeyang-oppa so cool’ and Harand said, ‘Taeyang-hyung is the best’. Haeum and Harang refer to Taeyang as oppa and hyung, but Taeyang usually calls me hyung. So he said that he’d be their uncle k k”

Netizens reacted in a positive manner saying things like, “Turns out Taeyang is part of Sean’s family now,” “He’ll like his new family” and more.

For those of you who are confused, in Korean ‘oppa’ is what girls call their older brothers and ‘hyung’ is what guys call their older brothers. However since Haeum and Harang are calling Taeyang oppa and hyung, that would make their father, Sean, Taeyang’s uncle. But since Taeyang has always referred to Sean as hyung, he figured he’d just be Haeum and Harang’s uncle.

Uncle Taeyang, how cute.

Sean definitely has some of the cutest children, and on top of that it’s great to see more YG love being spread, don’t you think?

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