martes, julio 13

SHINee’s Minho skips Dream Team 2 recording

It was reported that SHINee’s Minho has skipped the recording of a new Dream Team 2 episode today as he is still recovering from his injury last week.

In addition, with the Dream Team 2 production set to head to Hong Kong from 23 – 25 July for the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, it looks highly unlikely that Minho will be joining them.

The PD of Dream Team 2 said, “We have not decided yet. We will confirm again after getting Minho’s recovery status report.”

SM Entertainment expressed, “Minho is currently resting at home. We will confirm the schedule for SHINee’s activities accordingly and depending on his recovery.”

SHINee was scheduled to release their album on the 19th and start their promotions this week. But it has now been put on hold indefinitely.

The above is a file picture. He does not look like this now.

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