jueves, julio 8

SuJu ShinDong-SNSD TaeYeon, idols also want to speak their minds

Does idols always have to follow the concept of being mysterious? And hence there is the misjudgement that a celebrity should live not saying the things he/she wants to say.

But recently we see idols slowly opening up to the idea of voicing their thoughts on reality programs, showing the true side of them.

We have ShinDong who openly proposed to his girlfriend and TaeYeon who was brave enough to speak up for a better environment for singers. Super Junior ShinDong came clean on a variety show recently about his girlfriend, his plans to get married with her and even did a propose on national TV recently. This is unlike what idols normally do, openly showing their love.

As for So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, she recently garnered much interests for commenting, “As much as singers are working hard with our music, I hope that we are provided a good environment,” on KBS Music Bank.

Netizens’ comment to ShinDong’s confession are “Envious”, “It is good to see that he is openly speaking up about his love” etc. And as for TaeYeon’s comment, netizens commented “Her comments are of her opinions”, “Not like a pro” etc.

It seems that with idols making appearances beyond just performing on stage, what they say will have great influence on themselves. That is why they have to be even more careful with that they say. It is important to watch what they say, and it is equally important for them to listen as well.


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