martes, julio 27

Super Junior ShinDong, “Please stop asking about me getting married”

Super Junior ShinDong requests for questions of marriage aimed at him to stop.

ShinDong, who recently garnered great interests for openly proposing to his girlfriend on broadcast, had said that during his guest appearance on SBS Good Morning aired on 27th July. He said on the show, “I hope people will stop asking me (about getting married). I am not going to get married immediately.”

He added, “It’s more like I want to get married, but I’m not going to. My wish is to continue protecting that love.”

Lee Teuk, who was also present, added, “It will be hard even if he is going to get married immediately. ShinDong mother owns a chicken restaurant and during World Cup, she sells up to 200 chickens a day and is really busy.”

ShinDong then said, “There is also going to be the Asian games, it seems like it will be hard to get married soon,” jokingly.


Meanwhile, a photo of ShinDong and his girlfriend (said to be an uljjang standing at a petite height of 150cm) has been revealed online by a netizen, garnering great interests recently.


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