viernes, julio 30

TaeYang, “I thought SeungRi came to show support for my performance but he actually had wanted to see the rookie girlgroups”

Big Bang TaeYang exposes the true self of member SeungRi.

TaeYang had said to SeungRi on SBS Strong Heart aired on 27th July, “I’m sorry”.

TaeYang said, “For the first broadcast performance for my solo album, SeungRi came to give support. I was thankful to see that he was very excited and happy that day. But I later realised that he was excited to see the rookie female singers. He even followed their choreography.”

He added, “When I asked him what was going on, he was showing off to me how he had gone around to give my signed CDs to the girlgroups. And I found out that in every CD he even wrote a letter.”

SeungRi then explained, “In the letters I wrote ‘Seonbaenim is really cool’. I really thought that they are great idols, and I thought that it should be in the TaeYang CD they received. Hoesntly I was thinking if there should be the telephone number too. I didn’t mean to get the phone numbers from the girlgroup but to give mine to them.”


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