jueves, julio 1

Taeyang makes a SOLAR comeback on M! Countdown

It’s been an excruciating few days for all you Taeyang fans out there. The teaser minute-long audio releases, steamybehind the scenes video release and finally the full album release have all kept us on our toes as we eagerly anticipated his official return to the music stage.

And today marks the day of his comeback on M! Countdown! Taeyang returns to woo the crowd once more with his silky smooth vocals and effortless dance skills in totalYG style. Not only does he perform his title track, I Need a Girl, with his best man and fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon, but he also tosses out some sexy performances for the upbeat single Just a Feeling and the lovely ballad You’re My.

It might be just a feeling, but with the great reception he received on today’s program, this promotional period seems like it will be nothing but golden for Taeyang!

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