jueves, julio 8

Taeyang Needs a Girl and wins #1 on M! Countdown

After an explosive week of back to back comeback performances for YG Entertainment’s very own Taeyang, it seems as though the media isn’t convinced in the man’s star power. But was there a need to doubt the man?

Taeyang always keeps things thoroughly professional and continues to bring out his best whenever he performs on the stage. Today’s performance of I Need a Girland You’re My definitely proves that nothing will put him down and as he puts on quite a show for the fans. Perhaps it’s just a slow start for the artist, and maybe fans and non-fans alike will soon come to appreciate his efforts as a performer!

Having only just returned last week, Taeyang came up against MC Mong as the top 2 for this week’s M! Countdown. And in the end, it was Taeyang who came away with the win. Congratulations to Taeyang for his first win for I Need A Girl.

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