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Taeyang talks about his relationship with female dancer JiHye

There’s always ‘that girl’ with Taeyang

There’s ‘that girl’ who’s always with Taeyang, who made his solo comeback?

Taeyang has made his comeback. And by his side this time as well, there was ‘that girl.’ Who is she.

There is a female dancer that stood on stage and fell in step with him ever since his first solo track. Her name is Jihye, known amongst fans as ‘Madame OL,’ and ‘more popular with the fans than I am,’ according to Taeyang. And indeed in the track ‘I Need a Girl,’ Taeyang puts together a stage performance with Jihye. They seem like a couple now more than ever.

In a recent interview, when asked about the reason he continues dancing with her, he said, “If you knew about the situation here, you’d understand,” and that, “To be honest, there aren’t many professional dancers. And on top of that, it’s hard to find a dancer that has the same style as me.”

He continued, “We understand each other well after working with each other for so long. She expresses the performances well,” and, “To put it simply, I only work with her because she dances well and matches my style.”

When told that at first their performance was so flawless to the point where their relationship was in question, Taeyang smiled and said, “If you say that, I’m put in a difficult position. Jihye is really popular amongst the male fans, so I could get in trouble.”

He added, “We’re really close. Even if something happened, it’s to the point where those kinds of feelings can’t develop. We’re too comfortable,” and that, “We even joke around saying, ‘You’re not my type.’”

Meanwhile, having released his first official solo album, Taeyang has begun his solo activities with ‘I Need a Girl.’

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