domingo, julio 11

Translation: Jun Style (2010.07.10)

Today's Jun Style is very funny. Once again, Jun proved himself to be the youngest in Arashi and however old he gets, he remains a child.

This gif tell you everything ♥


Good morning everyone. How will you spend 10th, July?
I’m Matsumoto Jun.

The 10th, July is Natto’s day.
Does everybody like natto?
I don’t eat natto often but I like it.
OK, please listen to me, Matsumoto Jun for 30 minutes.
JUN STYLE start!

♪ Mogora Wa Tori Ni Naru - Noanowa

Once again, good morning, I’m Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun.
You are listening to today’s opening, Noanowa’s Mogora Wa Tori Ni Naru.
Mail: Meri Metsudo City Yukiko-san
Jun-kun, good morning.
Good morning.
There was a doctor on TV talking about this earlier,
I have to go to dentist for filling my teeth regularly
As Jun-kun said if I focus on the root of the tongue too much it will be very painful so I open my throat and it feels more comfortable. Thank you!

Somehow this is a thank-you mail sent to me.

Earlier, I also went to dentist but I was extremely sleepy! I went early in the morning, so it was like I was half asleep but still went to the dentist. There was something like dental water machine… Water was flowing but I wanted to see the vacuum. There was no assistant for the person who was doing vacuum. At that times, the water kept flowing ‘don don’ I had to gasp for breath and my clothes which I was wearing got wet all over (laughs) I was like a child for wanting to see what the dentist was doing.
Yes, it was the dentist! … Let’s …
That doesn’t make sense…

♪ ACACIA - Q indivi ft. Chiba Yusuke

Mail: We can proud of our Japan’s high quality service.
When I was working in my company’s head office in America, there are something only when you went overseas that you know. Everyone has good image of Japan’s service. For example even foreigners who don’t know Japanese can read menu. Japanese is also friendly, I think that come from attention. It is said overseas, once again, we can proud of our Japan’s high quality service.

I know this very well!
In the mail, the quality is said to be very good. Of course service is different depending on the countries or the system. Like in some countries, people have to pay the bills for meals including tips, even when you catch a cab.

In Japan that never happens. What make me feel like this very much is when I go shopping. I wonder why in US, they chatting while folding the clothes (at the cashier)? I can’t accept it like that~ If it is normal, Japanese must be too scrupulous. I’m not person who buys a lot, I see this and that and consider very carefully. As it took time to select I want to go quickly. When I went shopping overseas, because of the time so I must hurry up but it takes time there (at cashier) In the case of Japan, this is about raising rate of turnover for quality of shop.

♪ To Be Free - Arashi

So tomorrow 7/11 is final of WC. I don’t think Japan can remain here. I wonder if Japan could make to where. At the match against Cameroon, 3 friends came over my house. We watched at my sofa. 2nd match, I was at drama shooting, but it has over early as day shooting, I thought I’d go back home early because it’s WC. But my manager said, “As it was over soon why you don’t do recording?” I was like “But today Japan against Netherlands, is it okay if I don’t support them” “OK, recording is important! Football is also important” We did rock-paper-scissors, I lost so I did recording. When recording over, I watched TV it was still 0-0. I heard my friends from high school who were watching nearby studio. When I got on taxi, Sneijder goaled 1 point. You see, this is because I haven’t watch. Actually tonight is match against Denmark at 3.30 am. I am very worried. I don’t know if I can watch because I have to go shooting for drama early tomorrow. However of course I can’t watch! I think the feeling is more important.
Fufufu~ (laughs) So tomorrow WC will end, so have fun with it! I want to see the final LIVE. Which team will win?

♪ Empire State of Mind - Alicia Keys

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