martes, julio 27

Wheesung shows his support for SHINee

Talented R&B singer Wheesung showered his support for his younger ‘brothers’, SHINee.

Wheesung and SHINee hold a tight friendship with one another, thus Wheesung decided to show some love for his juniors by sending them a special gift.

During the live recording for Music Bank on the 23rd last week, Wheesung sent SHINee some beautiful flowers in order to commemorate SHINee’s comeback. Although Wheesung wasn’t able to stop by their dressing room in person that day, his flowers were a meaningful gift nonetheless.

A representative revealed:

“Wheesung sent some flowers to SHINee”

“Wheesung always treasures and cares for the boys. When SHINee saw that these flowers were sent from Wheesung, they were extremely grateful”

Meanwhile, photos of Jonghyun holding onto the flowers and SHINee chilling out at the back stage of Music Bank have been revealed.

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