jueves, agosto 19

2NE1 follows after Se7en with the “huhsae” word trend

Four membered girl group 2NE1 made netizens smile by joining the latest trend of writing “huhsae”style.

On the 19th, member Sandara Park wrote on 2NE1’s me2day, “We are huhsae! To the beautiful Northside river~ The loud wind sound! We are riding like a wild horse that is burning within our hearts.”

The cute idol then continued, “Ah I want to run in this luscious green fields of Northside river to end of this world. For you we throw down our hearts and bodies. Hey! Run!” Along with these words, Sandara also posted a short video clip of the manager driving across Northside river in their car.

For reference, the huhsae word trend is an Internet term describing words that were written by a person just to impress the people around them. The person writing and reading these huhsae words both know that the words were written just for entertainment and fun. This is why huhsae words written by celebrities are bringing more joy to fans.

Recently, solo singer Se7en also wrote on his Twitter, “Outside the rain is falling pitter patter and I am running towards safety. I cannot seem to fall asleep and the warm hiphop 808 drum sound coming from my Ipod is becoming a friend that is staying by my side for this long trip.” He then shyly asked, “Is this the right way to write huhsae words? Hahaha, I am now huh-Se7en! ^^”

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