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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 20100821 SungKyunKwan Scandal Interview

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Male MC: Yoochun, since you have received lots of expectations and attention, do you feel the burden?
Yoochun: I can feel the burden which is greater than usual.


Song Joong-ki: I am a guy who flirts with girls in the drama. I didn't prepare a lot before shooting, fortunately I was able to find someone I could learn from in the studio, which is Yoochun.
Male MC: Explosive comments, very dangerous indeed.
Song Joong-ki: I love Yoochun. Haha...
Male MC: What are the two skills must a lady-killer have?
Song Joong-ki: First is killing smile, second is smiley gaze, the person who has both of them is our Micky Yoochun.
Male MC (to Joong-ki): Please show us your killing smile... Ooh~ Not bad. Haha...
Female MC: Yoochun, what do you think of it(Joong-ki's killing smile)?
Yoochun: Still a bit far apart. Haha...


Park Min-young: It was very hot in the studio, when they took off their outer clothes, their inner clothing were revealed. It was understandable for them to take off the (outer) upper shirts, but sometimes they even took off the below one, the light had revealed their underclothes very clearly.
Male MC: Yoochun, even it is hot these few days, you can't reveal your underwear too!
Yoochun (in serious face): Ah, that's not me.
Park Min-young: What? The most severe one are those two. (Yoochun & Joong-ki)
Song Joong-ki: But, I don't wear red undies.
Male MC: Yoochun why are you wearing the red underwear the fans gave you. Now is year 1700 (Chosun dynasty), how could there be any red underwear?
Male MC asked Yoochun: What kind of colouring can dye the underclothing into red in chosun dynasty?
Yoochun purposely in a serious manner, answered: Peach.


Male MC: Another eye-catching scene in SungKyunKwan Scandal drama is the scene with Micky Yoochun's naked upper part of his body. Please look forward to it! Yoochun's body is good~

When showing the clips of interview at the filming location...
Park Min-young: During the nude scene, the director asked Yoochun: "You didn't exercise when having activities as TVXQ?"
Yoochun with frustration, collapsed on the table.


Subtitles: It is said that a lot of TVXQ's fans have come to the filming location
Park Min-young: The filming location was like TVXQ's concert, when preparing for filming, if there came the cheers, I knew Yoochun had arrived.
Male MC: Do you feel good if there is an idol among the actors?
Song Joong-ki: Of course, when I feel hungry every time filming early in the morning, there are fans who have brought food for us.
Song Joong-ki: I really love Micky Yoochun~


Yoochun singing 'HUG' to convey his gratitude to fans.
Yoochun: I was very young last time.
Male MC: Now it is also the same.
Yoochun: Thank you~

At the end of the interview, they shouted together: SungKyunKwan Scandal FIGHTING!!!

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