jueves, agosto 19

Heechul is as pretty as YoonA and Seohyun

On August 19th, a photo of SNSD’s YoonA, Seohyun, along with Super Junior’s Heechul was revealed through an internet community site.

The trio from SM Entertainment, known to be close friends, all have their faces close-up in the photo. However, one thing that has caught the eyes of many netizens was Heechul’s beauty.

Regardless of his gender, Heechul showcases a pretty boy image amongst the two girls, almost looking like a girl himself.

Netizens shared their opinions such as, “Kim Heechul looks the prettiest!,” “When Heechul applies his girl makeup on, he looks even better,” “His beauty doesn’t fall back amongst the SNSD girls” and “There are other photos where Heechul is even more pretty.

Although some complimented Heechul’s beauty, other netizens replied back, “Of course SNSD, being the girls, look more pretty~ Kim Heechul is handsome.

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