martes, agosto 3

Nishikido Ryo on Oshareism!

NEWS and Kanjani 8 member, Nishikido Ryo appeared on Oshareism, which was broadcasted on August 1st.

On the show, Ryo talked about how shy he is around new people. Even though they were together for one month, Ryo said that the last day of the shoot was the first time he talked to Tomosaka Rie, who co-stared in his latest movie “Chonmage pudding“.

Ryo also revealed pictures of his apartment as well as private pictures and Ryo and the panelists even visited Tokyo Tower together. Although two of the panelists, Fujiki Naohito and Ueda Shinya were terrified of heights, Ryo was enjoying the great view from the Tokyo Tower.

Kondo Masahiko will be the guest for next week’s Oshareism

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