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SHINee’s Minho voted #1 target for healthy foods?

SOI. Save Our Idols.

A fan’s first priority is usually the health of his/her idol. And why not? Summer has brought all of us kpop fans true delights, from Taeyang’s album Solar to Miss A’s debut success with Bad Girl Good Girl to SHINee’s eye-catching Lucifer. But summer also means more concerns over dehydration and heat stroke for many of Korea’s hardworking celebrities that are struggling to balance health with work.

So, which idols can expect baskets of healthy (home-made and edible) food the rest of this summer?

From July 27th to August 2nd, the music portal Bugs held a poll titled “Singer you most want to make healthy foods for?” The results are in, and the verdict is thus: SHINee’s Minho, took first place with 48.2%.

A while back, Minho injured his leg on KBS2TV’s Dream Team Season 2. Netizens responded to this injury with words of care and sincere support such as:

“Minho, you have to get better soon so the five of you can stand on stage together again! If you can really do this for me, I’ll buy an eel and visit you!” (eels are deemed healthy food.)

“Please eat lots of healthy food and get better soon!”

Second place went to IU, the OST Queen. Netizens said affectionately that it was because “IU needs to eat well and study hard!” and “it must be because I am the same age as IU, but I think she is so cute. I really want to feed her good healthy food.”

Third place went to Jaebeom with his first solo album Please Believe Me, and fourth to Se7en with his new comeback Better Together.

Which idol would you save with healthy food, if you could?

Credit to Newsen.

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