jueves, agosto 5

SHINee’s Minho won’t be dancing to ‘Lucifer’ again this week!

A while ago, SHINee’s Minho injured his leg while filming for KBS2TV’s Dream Team Season 2. Due to the injury, Minho was unable to dance on SHINee’s Lucifer comeback performance stage, as well as team performances last week – he sang sitting in a chair.

Unfortunately, Minho will have to refrain from dancing in this week’s team performances as well. But no fret, his recovery is coming along. A representative from SM Entertainment informed Newsen through a phone call that “Minho will perform this week sitting on a chair again” and that “his injury has gotten better, but due to the intense dance steps, it was decided that his leg was still not well enough. Because we believed that his health comes first, we decided to keep him from dancing this time around.”

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Minho’s rapid recovery so that he can join SHINee in future dynamic performances!

Doesn’t this make you wonder how awesome the Lucifer dance performance will be when Minho comes back? I sure want to find out soon!

Credits to Newsen.

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