jueves, agosto 19

Simon D and Jung Yonghwa: the Busan boys

On August 18th via Twitter, Supreme Team’s Simon D revealed a photo of himself along withCNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa . Along with the photo was the comment, “While coming for Come To Playrecording, I met NamSanGo hoobae Jung Yonghwa. I definitely look older.

Simon D in the photo is seen with his arm around Yonghwa’s shoulder as the two have a sunbae/hoobae relationship due to attending the same high school.

Also in the photo, the two boys can be seen wearing their couple rings. Simon D is wearing one with his girlfriend Lady Jane, while Yonghwa is with his virtual wife Seohyun of SNSD.

Netizens who have seen the photo have replied back things such as, “You don’t look 5 years older than Yonghwa,” “Ssamdi oppa looks young as well” and “I can feel the atmosphere of Busan boys.

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