jueves, agosto 19

Son Dambi wants Jo Kwon as her virtual husband

Singer Son Dambi has recently shown interest towards 2AM’s Jo Kwon!

In a recent interview done with Asia KyungJae News, Son Dambi was asked who she would pick as her virtual husband if she got another chance to be cast in MBC’s We Got Married.

To answer their question, she surprisingly revealed, “I would pick Jo Kwon.

She explained, “I like humorous people. When I see Jo Kwon in broadcast shows, he always looks like he has full of energy and he’s also humorous.” She then laughed and added, “I wish I can get closer to him more and more.

Son Dambi also commented, “From now on, if there is someone I like, I want to start dating them. … I am now starting to feel the loneliness that I get when I have my solo activities.

It looks like Son Dambi likes Jo Kwon’s kkapness as well. Ga-In better watch out, she has a rival now!

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